Disclaimer: This post is mostly dedicated to the people, who say they never experienced the “Super Powers” of NoFap

In it I’ll reveal to you what I see as the truth about NoFap. The point of the written below is not to disappoint you, but to make you aware of something you’ll eventually understand on your own, if you do NoFap for long enough.

Even though it’s very special to me because it built the foundation of one completely new and better lifestyle, I can’t deny that by itself NoFap is just one of the “things” or “hacks” you can do to improve the quality of your life and performance. Yes, the most important ones.

As much as I admire all of its benefits, the way I look on it now, (after doing it for 4 years and 2 months) is as another step. I took on my path towards improving my whole existence.

A path on which I stepped a decade ago, by quitting drugs, alcohol and smoking. For me that was the first and certainly one of the biggest steps. It gave start to the whole process. And I’ll most likely be proud of it until the rest of my life. Yet, if I have to compare it to NoFap, then I’d say both things are pretty much from the same caliber.

The more I walked on this path, the more I manage to understand that making “big steps is important, but how you’re going to proceed is also equally important.

If “the step” was about quitting an addiction, then what you’re going to do instead?

If it was about eliminating a bad habit, then what “good rituals” you’re going to build and start practicing on its place? Or in other words: “How you’re going to fill the space thats now empty?”

If taking that step gives you more energy, free time and motivation, then you best believe putting them in “good use”, is what will make the biggest difference.

Let’s say you succeed with NoFap, then what? What you’re going to do? Sitting on the chair in your room waiting for the “super powers” to kick in? Or you’re going to make s*it happen?

Have no doubt about it, those “powers” truly exist. (just incase you didn’t I highly recommend you to read or watch this ). Yet for me their effects really kick even more, when I start working on something. Then it’s almost like getting into the zone.

And yes! They are available to both genders. I do believe that women can perform and feel like superheroes or rockstars equally good as men.

I guarantee that “putting in work” is “the best” and the quickest way to really experience those “powers” everybody in the NoFap community talks about. I also guarantee you’ll have an incredible desire to do so.

Taking my advice, will make you discover your capability of “doingand “being a lot more than you can probably imagine. But in the end of the day, you are the one who has to start the process. Making a simple efforts towards achieving whatever you want is the way to do it.

“Do not wait for any form of dopamine and adrenaline rush similar to the one produced by stimulants. There is no rush and you won’t get any of that.”

Rather see it as a nootropic which effects become more and more pronounced as you get involved in what you do… The more you practice it, the more of yourself it makes you feel.

If you make the wise decision of sustaining that “new habit for long enough, after a while you’ll notice something more. Your performance and happiness are a lot higher than they previously were, but now your expectations and standards got higher as well.

Do you know what that means? You operate on a new level. You became the “next” version of yourself and “higher” is your new normal. Now it’s time to take another step.

You’ve mastered NoFap. Great! Congratulations! But what’s next? Maybe you want to build your physique. Or to improve your whole daily routine? How about getting rid of the junk food and constant hunger through the day.

I truly believe that staying opened for new hacks”  is essential part of the process. Another one is to simply never stop walking.

I’d say that  “self actualization” is a never ending quest of becoming your “ultimate version” and a combination of many things you should slowly apply one by one.

Be patient with yourself. Self growth is tender; It’s holy ground. There is no greater investment.
Dr. Stephen Covey

Cycling periods of celibacy, not ejaculating, Exercising daily, Doing OMAD while, most of the time, eating ketogenic diet. Those are all powerful tools. Each of them has its own key role, works on, and optimizes different area of my life.

For example: My brain performance and mood are mostly handled by the restricted number of orgasms I have and the nutrition plan I follow. This is where the ketogenic diet and the one meal a day come into place.

NoFap gives me s*it load of energy. My diet and habit of exercising daily are helping me to build my physique, feel awesome and give extra energy as well

Being more confident, inspired, simply loving myself and feeling great in my own skin are all results of the combination of things I’ve mentioned. For me living the life of not only practicing, but actually using them to get stuff done makes drugs and orgasms really not that impressive.

I also found that there are bigger and smaller steps. A bigger one always contributes to few smaller ones. Probably we can call them byproducts or even bonuses, because they become are a lot easier after making the bigger one.

For example: Quitting drugs helped me get rid of toxic people. And for the first time in my I life developed some positive habits and rituals. After I stopped drinking, going to the gym became essential.

Doing NoFap got me into the cyclical celibacy. That helped me stop wasting my life with pointless dates and wrong partners.  That’s how I started channeling my sexual energy and not overindulging in the habit of sex.

But I guess this is just how things work for me.

It gives huge boost to all of the things I do, but I know that: If I want to improve my physique, I have to train and eat the right way. I also know that if I want to produce music, I have to make beats and practice my ass off on the turntables. Or that if I want to create content I have do write articles and film videos.

NoFap makes all of them not only possible, but so much easier and enjoyable. Yet, it never replaces my role as creator. I also truly believe that NoFap is can be up to 100 times more awesome if you combine it with Daily exercise, Ketosis, Omad and You Restrict the number of orgasms you have.

Here some combinations which (I think) are more powerful than NoFap.

  • NoFap + Cyclical Celibacy
  • NoFap + Cyclical Celibacy+Proper diet (Ketosis)
  • NoFap + Cyclical Celibacy+Proper diet+Daily Exercise
  • NoFap + Cyclical Celibacy+Proper diet+Daily Exercise+Intermittent Fasting (OMAD)

No drug nor alcohol usage whatsoever!!!

But You can certainly incorporate cold and/or contrast showers…

I hope that makes sense.
Yours Truly

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Peteonthebeat or POTB is internationally certified fitness trainer and holistic nutritionist. He writes about fitness, health and life in general. His mission is to make the information accessible and inspire others to improve their health and become better in everything they do. Besides those things he is also: national DMC champion and vice champion and winner of 2 QSU scratch battles) Audiovisual artist, Producer and turntablist.

Along with helping people to reach their goals, his passion is composing music and filming videos for it. By doing so he incorporates the art of scratch in his production. What makes his signature style so unique is the combination of polyphonic melodies with heavy 808’s and very technical turntable skills. Perfect examples of that are both of his albums: Jack of all Trades (Mixtape) and Magic Dice.

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