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Hello, my name is:
Peteonthebeat aka POTB

I am:
ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist (SFN) and Trainer (CFT).
Fitness and Health enthusiast.
Holistic Nutritionist.
I follow One Meal A Day (OMAD) and I alternate between Ketogenic and Paleo Diets.

I am also:
Audio and visual Artist, Musical composer and Turntablist.
Jack Of All Trades Album/ Mixtape (2015).
Magic Dice Album (2016).

Youtuber:  Youtube.com/Peteonthebeat1

Regional / National DMC Champion (2009) and Vice Champion (2008).
Winner of two single scratch battles (QSU).

I built this website to share my knowledge and personal experience in order to help others achieve their goals in Fitness, Health, Diets and everything they do. I also use it as a platform for the music I create.

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