NoFap And Attraction

NoFap And The Attraction

Let me give you my take on the subject. Based on my life experience and on doing NoFap for 4.5 years. You can take it as total bro science, because I don’t have any scientific evidence to back it up.

So is the attraction caused by NoFap real?

The short answer: Yes, absolutely.

Now the long answer...

Restricting orgasms drastically boosts your sex drive and energy.

Subconsciously people of the opposite gender will notice there’s something different and even rare about you. Something special which simply makes you stand out.

Regardless of that you shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations when starting NoFap.

Male or Female, being more attractive is a combination of things which is commonly referred as a being highly sexed individual.

Yes, it starts with having plenty of sexual energy but also includes great physical appearance, vibrating at high frequency. And radiating things like satisfaction, happiness, confidence and self sufficiency .

Now let’s for a moment ignore the genders and imagine we have 2 people: Person “A” and Person “B”.

Person “A”, never orgasms and has tons of sexual energy which he or she’s probably not channeling. Along with that they’re completely out of shape and often skip to take a shower.

On top of everything same person is kind of a jerk and staying around him or her could be have negative impact on your inspiration and well being.

Person “B” on the other hand is not that strict, when it comes to limiting the number of orgasms they have. He or she wants to do NoFap, but they relapse.

Despite that same guy or gal already has a physique which makes people turn heads. They dress with style and accordingly to their great looking body.

They always smell and look good better than most people and certainly better than person “A”.

Even though “B” is not the most inspiring person, they are always kind and responsive.

Person “B” has well defined goals and works towards achieving them.

While that’s happening, Person “A” waits to stumble upon the next life hack which will eventually “get the job” done for them.

Now my question is: Do you really think Person “A” would be more attractive? I seriously doubt about it, but there’s a catch.

It’s virtually not possible to be like person “A” when you’re on NoFap.

Although not having orgasms will improve your sex appeal, your overall appearance and what kind of thoughts and emotions it provokes in others would ultimately determine how attractive you are.

I don’t think you should celibate and/or do NoFap, for the simple reason of becoming more attractive to the opposite sex. Or to eventually start getting approached.

That is like buying a flame thrower to light a candle. But hold on wait a second. Actually is not even that.

I would say is more like using “Space Ship” to carry your groceries from the local store to your home. It simply makes no sense.

Instead of downgrading it, you want to make NoFap the foundation of your new life by freeing your self from the horrible addictions to porn, sex and orgasms.

That will create a different environment within you. One which would allow you to channel your sexual energy towards continuously improving all aspects of your being.

From your physique to your crafts and the other things you do. From the thoughts in your head to the foods you eat.

The people you’re surrounding yourself with and the way you’re spending your time: including your daily habits and routines.

Not having orgasms and abstaining from porn will not only provide you with much more energy, but also with motivation (or maybe I should say with burning desire) to improve all of the mentioned things.

Using it wisely will transform your entire existence and inevitably improve on your overall appearance.

Ultimately it will unleash a new and better version of yourself. A version not only much more attractive to the others but to yourself.

Yes, you’ll become more attractive to yourself. You’ll start to like yourself more and to have an awesome feel about the things you do.

You’ll notice that the longer you sustain it, the more miracles in your life you’ll be attracting.
I found that the spectrum is not limited only to people.

Now to the question: Have I become More Attractive?


My confidence during my childhood and puberty massively sucked.

I was either: Shy af, Stoned af (which was doubling the shy af feel) Drunk or when under influence of stimulants overconfident and speedy.

Even thought scratching and bodybuilding drastically improved my confidence, they didn’t fix it entirely.

NoFap only made me feel confident 24/7, but I also started having some inexplicable feel that everything is under control all of the time. And that I’m responsible for it.

My Character And Behavior

Due to the fact my mind is no longer pre-occupied with sex, I’m able to be present and have deep and prolonged conversations with the people of the opposite gender.

I’m pretty much always open for discussions. As long as me and the other person are both interested into the same things.

I’m not only a lot better listener, but also always ready and willing to explain something to someone if he or she needs it. That not only feels essential, but I actually have fun doing it.

As long as I can I’m also much more willing to help others. Like it always was part of my personality, being kind and nice to people started feeling very natural.

Not ejaculating certainly made some major improvements on my physique. I got leaner, fuller and more vascular. Many of the people around me became certain that I was using gear.

But you probably already know that if you read my blog or watch me on Youtube.

Yet, right around the same time I realized how important dressing accordingly to my better developed muscles actually is.

I understood that due to the fact: I’m 6’4, with fairly well developed chest, deltoids and especially back. And not that well developed arms rocking a stringer is pretty much the only way for me to really show off and flex.

So what happened then?

Only after few months into NoFap I started noticing that wherever I was, my appearance was triggering some solid, yet inexplicable attention.

It didn’t take too long and all of the people who were hanging with me started telling me things like: “You can not even imagine how those girls are starring at you”

Like I was
addicted to it soon, I started going out mostly with the purpose of showing off.
That continued and reached it’s
peak between 2013 and 2014.

During that time making people (especially females), turn heads became important part of my daily life. Wherever the circumstances were I always had it mind.

Regardless, that I wasn’t visiting events, I finally started experiencing actually living the phenomenon, legendary Zyzz, described.

Slowly but surely my already weakened obsession with sex and orgasms, started giving up to that feel.

Numerous times not only very physically attractive but also kind of exotic females came to me on their own.

After approaching me, some of them were making serious attempts of demanding from me to get to know them, date them and eventually visit a hotel with them.

Yet, I was mostly pleased when finding out that ladies much more mature and experienced than me are f*cking with me. And they are even willing to visit me from another city several times every month.

For close to an year all that was making me feel amazing and I was very excited about it.
recognition I was seeing in the eyes of others (especially females) was making my day.

However after a while the whole quoute unquoute craze inside me started to fade away.

Even though began getting even more attention, my inner response to it became slightly different.

I came to the conclusion that probably I shouldn’t be that concerned with impressing others, but with impressing myself.

No, that doesn’t mean I became indifferent to it, actually it still feels awesome.

Yet, I’d say that now I’m less excited about it, because there other things to preoccupy my mind and make my day. Those are ones which entirely depend on me.

Self tracking clearly showed me that the more dreams of mine I turn into reality the more attractive to the outer world I become.

In fact I’d say I became most attractive when I started using my sexual energy to get better in the things I always wanted to do. It worked as a magical spell I did to myself.

With time I also noticed that getting attention from different people makes me feel very different.

I would probably always feel great to be noticed, by another person who invests time and energy to improve his or her physique. In those moments I get that “Real Recognise Real” type of a feel.

Final Words

Is NoFap going to make you more attractive? Yes, it most definitely will. Part of it will come in a direct manner, but most of it won’t.

Biggest part of your attractiveness will be a result of harnessing of your sexual energy.

Reinvesting it to improve your own self, make the things you want happen and to live your life with a purpose, which you chose for yourself.

Enjoy the attention you’re getting. Because if to everything properly you’ll certainly get it.

Live those moments to the fullest and even get inspired by them.

Just, don’t expect to have same excitement about it until the rest of your life, because this lifestyle will change you from the inside out. And eventually you’ll rethink values for good.

Or at least that’s just how I feel about it, so I hope it makes sense.

Yours Truly:

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Along with helping people to reach their goals, his passion is composing music and filming videos for it. By doing so he incorporates the art of scratch in his production. What makes his signature style so unique is the combination of polyphonic melodies with heavy 808’s and very technical turntable skills. Perfect examples of that are both of his albums: Jack of all Trades (Mixtape) and Magic Dice.

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