To me every addiction has multiple layers or aspects. And taking the substance, or doing the actual thing is only one of them.

Yes, quitting it, is the ultimate goal, but there’s a lot more to it.

What kept my addictions for so long weren’t only the drugs by themselves, but the person who I was and the lifestyle I had.

That included:

·The daily habits, routines and way of thinking I had;
·What was happening in my household;
·The people I was hanging with;
·The school;
·My diet back then;
·The fact I was already constantly waisting my sexual energy close to 2 years before I started smoking cigarettes;

All of my addictions were signs that I was missing something deep inside me. In fact I don’t think it was a single but many things.

Few of them were: self value, love and reliance,  excitement,  feel of security,  fun and real purpose in life.

Things presented as an alternatives to the drugs things and that life were either no good or simply not enough for me.

I needed something more

Something different to excite the s*it out of me and ignite my desire of sacrificing “now” for “later”.
So I could go through the whole transformation process of becoming a new person.

Turntablism was that thing for me.

Quitting this” or that” substance wasn’t how I was thinking about things. I rather started taking that as fundamental part of something bigger.

I no longer wanted to continue ending up in the same situations, but I knew I had to work on all areas of my life.

My goal wasn’t only to just stop using the substances, but to change my whole entity.

To me there’s no doubt to me that all of my addictions were connected with each other. And that the ones I already had massively contributed for the development of the next.

However, regardless that they were big part of it I really don’t think that process of self destruction started with drugs, but with my whole lifestyle.

Especially with the diet I had and  with the fact I was already wasting of my sexual energy (I’ve always been able to adjust both of them).

Yes, I had some other issues as well, but those were things I couldn’t really control back then.

Yet, I believe, I would be able to handle all of them way better if it wasn’t about the ones I’ve mentioned.

I think those were the real reasons why I searched for happiness and satisfaction on the wrong places.

Or maybe I should say in the wrong things.

To me not a specific substance nor even a habit, but ignorance of the masses and misleading information that is spread out there are the root of all evil.

No, I’m not saying that a self destructive habit is something else than what it is.

I’m simply suggesting, that it could be and most often is byproduct of one or multiple things which have already been part of the person’s lifestyle.

And the person has absolutely no idea about the negative impact they create on their whole well being.

Maybe if more people knew that some of the things they “eat”or “do” on a daily basis are making them:

·Less happy and satisfied;
·Confidence lacking and unmotivated;
·Depressed and sad;
·Fat and also stupid;

They would probably firstly try to avoid them, instead of searching for a quick fix elsewhere.

Or in other words: If the people knew that their lifestyles are exactly what is making them feel “like sh*t”, they would probably firstly try to improve those lifestyles instead of using drugs

As I’ve already told you I’ve been into 6 schools (5 public and 1 private), but surprisingly none of the following things was part of any of those schools curriculum.

·How the different macronutrients affect the human body;
·What are the damaging effects of the junk food;
·What is the habit of autosuggestion and how it could and should be used;
·How porn and masturbation affect the brain;
·What is the Sexual Energy and how people should use it to become better in life (Napoleon Hill’s teachnings);

No, I’m not proud of all of the things I’ve done in my past, but I am also definitely not indifferent to the experience I’ gained through the process of overcoming them.

I believe same experience helped me tremendously when I was fighting my addictions to porn, junk food, sugar and sex/orgasms later in my life.

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Peteonthebeat or POTB is internationally certified fitness trainer and holistic nutritionist. He writes about fitness, health and life in general. His mission is to make the information accessible and inspire others to improve their health and become better in everything they do. Besides those things he is also: national DMC champion and vice champion and winner of 2 QSU scratch battles) Audiovisual artist, Producer and turntablist.

Along with helping people to reach their goals, his passion is composing music and filming videos for it. By doing so he incorporates the art of scratch in his production. What makes his signature style so unique is the combination of polyphonic melodies with heavy 808’s and very technical turntable skills. Perfect examples of that are both of his albums: Jack of all Trades (Mixtape) and Magic Dice.
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