The Art Of Scratch – Turntablism

The national competition came and I won it (I got first place). That opened huge gap between me my whole past.

At that point nothing was stopping me to not to start visiting a gym, but to do all of the other things which previously seemed as unavailable to me.

Already knowing that alcohol  was making me fatter, I figured out drinking would prevent me from making the gains I wanted.

Then I started going to the gym and that put my drinking to an end.

Scratching played major role when I was giving up Speed and it was The Main Reason why I quit alcohol.

Technically it became the beginning of my personal development journey. Or my introduction to the world of self help/improvement.

Ever since then I never stopped improving myself  as turntablist and as many other things which becoming good at scratching made available to me.

It was the fastest and most essential to me way of figuring out how to channel my emotions.

The deep love to my Mom, The cat and to the Art form itself. And also the negative ones I had to my previous versions and past in general.

How to pull myself towards the first 3, while simultaneously with that pushing myself against the last 2.

Because of it I realized that:

It really doesn’t matter how emotional I get, but what part of those emotions, I’m going to be able to channel and ultimately put in use.

If you’re fan of Star Wars, than undoubtedly you’re familiar with the code of the Sith.

·Peace is a lie, there’s only Passion
*Through passion I gain Strength
·Through strength I gain Power…
*Through power I gain Victory…
·Through victory my chains will be broken…
*The Force Shall Free Me…


My passion not only helped me to break the chains of my addictions, but also to destroy the inner prison made of the wrong perception, I had for the outer world.

It opened my eyes and showed me that same perception was highly influenced by combination of my own fears, insecurities and the fact I was looking down on me for so many years.

A lot of people get involved in fitness and bodybuilding to improve their health, look and ultimately boost their confidence.

Bodybuilding is amazing for that. As soon as stepped in the GYM (the 1st time) I felt in love with it. Yet, before that simply felt like I wasn’t “good enough.

In order to start training, I firstly needed something else, so I could  feel normal and comfortable in my own skin: Turntablism provided that.

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Peteonthebeat or POTB is internationally certified fitness trainer and holistic nutritionist. He writes about fitness, health and life in general. His mission is to make the information accessible and inspire others to improve their health and become better in everything they do. Besides those things he is also: national DMC champion and vice champion and winner of 2 QSU scratch battles) Audiovisual artist, Producer and turntablist.

Along with helping people to reach their goals, his passion is composing music and filming videos for it. By doing so he incorporates the art of scratch in his production. What makes his signature style so unique is the combination of polyphonic melodies with heavy 808’s and very technical turntable skills. Perfect examples of that are both of his albums: Jack of all Trades (Mixtape) and Magic Dice.
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