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Greetings everyone…. Please allow me to introduce myself.

I go by the name of Peteonthebeat aka POTB. I’m producer, turntablist, content creator and writer/blogger.

I started messing with Turntablism aka the art of scratch around 2007. Getting involved in it helped me overcome big part of the addictions developed during my late childhood and puberty.

How that happened was mostly through battling and competing in the local DMC competitions.

My first real battle and appearance on stage was in the 2008 when I placed 2nd in the National DMC. I entered the same battle on the next year, but then I won the 1st place. 2009 was also when I stepped into a gym for the 1st time.

I continued bettering myself as turntablist and in the next years I won 3 scratch battles in the biggest academia for scratching: Qbert Skratch University (QSU).

However, to me there was no point of being able to perform all of those techniques, if I couldn’t somehow make them part of musical compositions created by me.

In the end of the day music and not anything else was the thing which ignited my passion for scratching. And same one was what I always wanted to do with it.

Incorporating the sounds I create by playing that unique on its own musical instrument in my production, later became my speciality. And very important part of my signature style.

By fooling around with different equipment and taking courses in music production, I started making beats in 2012. Back then I wasn’t calling myself Peteonthebeat. The name has been giving to me later by my mother.

Around the same time I also finished my first entirely produced and scratched by me project: “Turntable Fiend”.

Meanwhile my passion for fitness and bodybuilding also got bigger.

Admiring the physiques of the 70’s and 80’s bodybuilders, I became determined to improve mine. And eventually attain inspired by that era look.

I started learning about the different methods of training and dieting. Self experimentation was and, still is my way of finding out if something works for me or not.

Although I never wanted to compete, bodybuilding became very important part of my life. My daily training is one of the rituals which I value the most. Between 2014 and 2015 I became internationally certified as fitness trainer and nutritionist.

I also built my website Peteonthebeat.com in 2014 which as platform for my music and the other content I create.

I stumbled upon Biohacking while searching for a way to stay energetic and make gains at the gym without compromising my inspiration and creativity. Being interested in it made me start looking on my body from a different perspective and reflected on everything I do.

In 2015 and 2016 I dropped 2 entirely made by me albums “Jack Of All Trades” and “Magic Dice”.

The 1st I dropped as mixtape and the 2nd, was is my first release on iTunes.

The idea to film and edit my own music videos came while I was working on tracks and artworks/covers for both of them. So that was what I started doing.

Apart from those things I also have bachelor degree in public relations, but it never became my thing. I guess I’m way too introverted for it.

Writing on the other hand is something I wanted to do almost since I got into Turntablism.

I always knew that if I was capable of helping myself by reading and listening about other people’s stories and experiences, then probably someone out there is going to be able of doing the same after hearing about mine.

In the end of the day, I acquired all of my knowledge & skills and massively improved my whole life, because of the information provided by the good people on the internet. Shout out to them.

Creating content and doing for others what those people have done for me not only feels natural, but I also believe is the right thing for me to do.

Deep inside me I always felt like I owe it to the world. Or at least I do to some extend.

Because of that I started writing and making videos about many things including: My personal stories and experiences with different stuff, Self help, Nofap, Nutrition, Training, Lifestyle, Fitness and Others.

I as well continue producing and making music videos for some of my tracks.

Once in a while I make an unboxing video or review of something and I upload it on Youtube. I also upload my music videos and notify my subscribers if another channel publishes content created by me.

An example of that is my 2017 turntable routine, which was included on Djcity’s list with the best routines for 2017.

So if you like my work, consider subscribing. That way you’ll get notified every time when I publish new content. If you want you can also support me by making a small donation on my Patreon page. Or to follow me on Instagram.

Thanks fo reading this and have a nice one.

Yours Truly:

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